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Does new and old website SEO performance differs?

new and old website seo performance


In SEO, there is a saying that old domains will conquer the brand new domains in search rankings. The age of the domain really matters the performance in SEO.

In other words, the older domains are better in terms of performance in SEO.

Speaking, the new and old website SEO performance differs. With the ideal approaches, a brand new domain certainly can conquer an older, more established domain.

Let me show you what I meant.

Does the period of the site even matter?

 The period in the sense like new and old website SEO performance. Let me give an example, that there are two sites which are developed in 2005 and 2012 respectively.

Every SEO factor matches equally for both the sites, even with the same number of links pointing to another page with the same content in it.

The majority of people will assert that the older website will rank higher compared to the newer website. That is likely correct. But in this situation, it may be since the creation of the domain name is your only variable that’s different than the two.

However, the newer website can outrank the older website because it got all of the ideal search engine optimization factors into position quicker. Here is what’s happening. The elderly sites have done the proper things over time like,

  • Significant domain names: The older website had a chance to pick interesting domain names because there was no competition during those days. Names like, or, etc
  • Matching domain names: Like the above examples, the older website had a chance to pick domains with an exact match, like But, nowadays, the companies had to check whether the domain name is available or not, and based on that, they choose their domain names. This leads to some unknown words. 
  • Small domains: During the creation of the old website, they had an opportunity to pick all small names like,, etc.

That’s the reason new and old website SEO performance differs. Still, though, the older website had these advantages, and those factors aren’t why they rank high in search engines. 

It is because they are doing the right things at the right time, which you can also do! Hence, the new and old website SEO performance differs.

For certain, it’ll rank greater than a brand new site that lacks all those attributes. This boils down to that if you would like to produce your newer site ranking higher than older, based websites, you want to do what they have done. Only faster. Obviously, Google will examine the worth of these links, media mention, societal signs, etc., and think this domain is quite important when it comes to related search questions.

If you have a huge amount of money or connections to spend on a site, that doesn’t mean you can have high rankings; you may be lacking in SEO. Maybe you don’t have money or connections, that doesn’t matter. You need to follow some strategies like

  • Create a unique product
  • Create a good content
  • Develop tremendous infographics
  • Create an exceptional value proposition
  • Produce momentum with your Network

By performing all the above strategies you will be able to find the difference of new and old website SEO performance.

Another issue in SEO is the age of the link, which is closely related to the age of the domain. This also causes the new and old website SEO performance. The theory suggests that the new and old website SEO performance differs, so the link from the older domain is better than the new one. What’s going on is the same thing with domains. The link is an authority link because the domain is created with the right things at the right time.

 In virtually all circumstances, a newer website has not had the time to do all of the ideal things, so it is not going to be important as an older website with recognized authority.


In the long run, when it comes to dominating your competitors in search rankings, age plays with a tiny, tiny portion of the equation that it is not even worth worrying about. 

Instead, it would help if you concentrated on other variables such as marketing, branding and promotion success, a commitment to growing content year after year, and acquiring links from new and old authority websites. Do these things, and you may readily compete with elderly domains! By concluding, I would say that the new and old website SEO performance differs.

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