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7 Important Steps To Rank YouTube Videos In 2021

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YouTube is among one of the most liked social media platforms in the world. After Google, it is the largest search engine. Every day more and more businesses got attracted to this platform, hence it is on saturation. In this situation, if you want to rank YouTube videos or want to stand out with your videos. Try to make videos at least shareable & memorable.

There is a fact that approximately 70% of people watch YouTube videos determined by its recommendation algorithm. So, till now as you were doing SEO for blogs, you have to do it for YouTube videos now. 

YouTube’s videos appear more often on Google than videos from any other source, yes you are right because YouTube is owned by Google. You are making good & valuable content but all this hard work is useless if your video is not ranking on search.

Some important factors to rank YouTube videos are: 

  • Views: If a person visits your video and watches for at least 30 seconds, then it is counted as a view. And if the same person visits twice, then the second view is counted as a new view. But so many views from a single user will be counted as spam.
  • Subscriber: Subscribers are the people who follow your YouTube channel and had subscribed for new videos. YouTube algorithm is very strict for fake subscribers gained with the help of third-party services. 
  • Engagement: If people watching your videos, do likes and comments, and your every new video is gaining some new subscribers then we can say your YouTube channel has good engagement. 
  • Video Quality: Everyone appreciates high-quality videos no matter we are talking about a person or YouTube algorithm. There are lots of studies that prove, high-quality videos get higher-ranking positions more often. 
  • Channel Authority: If you have equal to or more than100,000 subscribers, you can get your channel verified for a badge, to make it an official source. 
  • Relevance: Your videos should be relevant to the keyword it is ranking on, the user intent, the thumbnail & the title. 

Here are the 7 steps to follow, if you want to optimize your videos for search. 

7 Important Steps, To Rank YouTube Videos  

1. Keyword Research

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Do Keyword Research to rank YouTube videos.

From YouTube’s search bar you can retrieve it manually, you can find keywords from YouTube suggestions, you just have to start typing. You will see the very relevant suggestion. Why these are very relevant, is because you get suggestions on what people used to type in the search. But you have to check a lot of keywords manually. 

If you don’t want to do it manually, you can check all these keywords using a tool called “Rank Tracker Keyword Tool” (go to Keyword Research > Autocomplete Tools) select YouTube Autocomplete. Now you can type your keyword phrases. You will get the list of suggestions. 

2. Video Metadata

The meta description should be well written if you want to rank YouTube videos

YouTube can get the idea of video from the text you write to describe video content. But now YouTube algorithm is so intelligent that it can recognize objects in videos and can understand the video content. That means metadata is not that important as it was before. 

Optimize title, description properly with keywords. Your title length shouldn’t be more than 60 characters. YouTube allows you to write 5000 characters in the description, but it doesn’t mean that you have to fill every single space. Write a unique description naturally. You can add links to the description under “show more”.

3. Improve Audience Retention

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Audience attention is a most important thing to rank YouTube videos

For video ads, YouTube prefers long videos, as long videos can have more ads in them. And YouTube likes it if a user spends more time on your videos. When we talk about audience retention, longer videos are always better than shorter ones. But if you are thinking about the ideal length of YouTube videos, unfortunately, there is no idea length, you just focus on providing value in your videos. 

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4. Provoke Engagement

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When viewers’ engagement is good on your YouTube videos, people are liking your videos, they often do comments, and even they click on the other videos of your channel after watching one. Then YouTube also helps you to reach maximum people. Add video link to the end of the video, add cards, remind them to subscribe, like, etc. 

5. Share video via your channels

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Share on other platforms also

Do not depend only upon YouTube SEO for traffic. Share your videos from your other channels also. Like you can share your videos through social media and can get a huge amount of views if you have enough followers on your social media accounts. 

By sharing your video link on other social media, you can get a different segment of the target audience. Or you can embed your video links in your blog posts. 

6. Build Authority

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In search one of the most important factors is brand recognition. If users have different options through search results, the user will prefer to click on the brand they can recognize. So, focus on building a brand on which a user can trust. And that trust can remain consistent. 

Here are a few things you follow to have a trusted brand name. Make sure your brand name is unique, and have a high-quality channel icon, show your viewers a short trailer about your channel. 

7. Monitor your performance

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Whatever efforts you are making, you need to analyze them to decide if those efforts were correct or not. You should use YouTube Analytics if you want to improve your YouTube SEO game. 

In YouTube analytics, you will get metrics like demographics, engagement stats, traffic sources, search statistics, and many more. 


You may get confused about YouTube SEO, or it may seem like a complicated process. But if you understand the process to rank YouTube videos. If you know how the Google algorithm works it will be very easy for you to rank YouTube videos.

As we all know video is one of the most effective ways to connect with your viewers. Providing value with your videos will always help you to get those people who care about your content who needs you. 

Following these 7 steps discussed in this article, you will surely get a positive result for your YouTube videos. 

I hope you liked this article! Comment on your views. 

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