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SEO Myths: 12 Greatest SEO Misconceptions In 2021

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SEO needs to be done wisely. It is beneficial only when you do it in the right way. Don’t get trapped in these SEO myths, you may get penalized for doing wrong things. No matter you are doing it intentionally or unintentionally. But yes, you can recover from most of the Google penalties

Google consider lots of factor before ranking any webpage to the top of the SERPs. And with so many ranking factors, and there come so many misconceptions. Of course, SEO is not only about keywords. Here in this guide, we will know the 12 common SEO myths. 

12 SEO Misconceptions That Isn’t True

1. SEO Is A One-Time Thing

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Some people think that SEO is something you do for once and that is it. But no, it is also one of the SEO myths, here you have to focus on consistent SEO optimization if you want to get sustainable results. SEO can help you to achieve the maximum of your business but exactly what you need is a consistent effort in the right direction. 

2. Duplicate Content Causes Penalization

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There is nothing like Google Duplicate content penalty, it is a SEO myth

There is approximately 25-30% of the content online is duplicate, if you think Google will penalize duplicate content. So let me tell you one thing there is nothing like Google duplicate content penalization. Don’t just believe in SEO myths, truth is that you may get suppressed for having duplicate content. Google says if you are doing it intentionally, writing duplicate content and trying to manipulate search engines. In this, you may get permanently removed from the search index. 

3. Social Media Channels Improve Rankings

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Social media can be a great platform to reach lots of audiences and to get tons of conversions. But it an SEO myth if you say social media can improve your site ranking. Of course. you may get high traffic using social media effectively but it all depends on you. But in the case of ranking social media can’t help you in any way. You can get benefits in earning more traffic, and improving your brand awareness. 

4. No SEO Benefits Of PPC

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PPC is for the short-term, While SEO is a long-term goal, PPC may be beneficial for those keywords for which ranking organically is difficult. You can use PPC to run paid ads on this particular keyword. But there are also some indirect benefits of PPC in SEO, you do keyword research using Google AdWords and may rank on different keywords. You may also promote your content so that the more backlinks you can get for that content will positively affect your SEO. 

5. Google Ranks Fresh Content


Fresh content may help you to get rank on Google if you are providing value and quality also with freshness. You can update older pages on your site with newly updated content and you will get the benefit of content freshness. But only freshness is not the guarantee that your content will rank it’s just an SEO myth. 

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Google bots crawl every link on your webpage except the no-follow links. But when a user visits your pages, they can crawl any of the links available on your site. And hence if you are getting a no-follow link from a site that has lots of visitors, you will automatically get lots of traffic from that no follow the link. So, don’t just ignore the no-follow links because Google bots will ignore these links. 

7. Your Domain Name Should Include A Keyword 

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Your domain name should be similar to the particular niche you are creating your website. But it is also not necessary. It is just for the search engine to get an idea of the relevancy of a particular domain name. and it may also help people visiting your site so that they can get the idea of the product and services you are providing just by reading your domain name. Including keywords in domain name help website to rank is nothing more than an SEO myth.

8. Re-spinning Content & Repurposing Content Are The Same 

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Re-spinning content is something, you spin the exact word of the old article just to make it more effective content. By doing this you may manipulate Google, but people won’t like it, they know what are you doing and if people are not liking it. The search engine will get the idea and will degrade your search ranking. 

Repurposing is something, here you don’t spin the content. You just promote your content on your social media platforms which is performing well. You update your content on different social media platforms to promote it there. 

9. Top-Level Domains Improve Rankings

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This is one of the most common SEO myths, that if you are using top-level domains like .com etc, then it will help you to rank better. But it is just a myth. You can get any type of domain and still can get rank on the top of the SERPs. You need to focus on providing value to your visitors, you will rank automatically. 

10. Having A Sitemap Improves your SEO ranking

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We know that having a sitemap is necessary to make your site crawlable. If you are installing a plugin like Google XML sitemaps generator, On your WordPress site. Then it may help you by generating a sitemap automatically, whenever you create a new page or update something.

This plugin will create and submit an updated sitemap. Sitemaps are just like a guide, it doesn’t help you for better ranking, you can’t get great ranking improvement just by having a sitemap. But it may help Google to discover your content faster. 

11. Meta Title & Description Are A Ranking Factor

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Once Meta title and description were considered as a ranking factor but later Google declared that meta description and titles were not a ranking factor. But still, you should work on the relevancy of your meta titles and descriptions. Because Google considers high CTR as a good signal and for achieving high CTR meta titles and descriptions play a very crucial role. And high CTR has a positive benefit for ranking. 

12. More Content Is Better


Everything is bad in the extreme if your site consists of lots of content but there are no quality and value people may get. No one will visit your site. You should focus on balancing your content quality with quality. Only quality content can get you quality conversions and visitors. 


Invest your time in creating quality content and providing value to your visitors. You can’t rank every content on the top of SERPs. also, you don’t have to follow quick ranking strategies because there is nothing like quick rank. You need to understand SEO is a long-term process, it takes time. 

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