Ways To Improve SEO With Content Marketing Approach

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  1. Preface
  2. Tips To Improve SEO With Topic-Driven Content Marketing Approach
    1. 1. Conduct Website-Audit
    2. 2. Create Quality-Content
    3. 3. Discuss Influencers In Your Content
    4. 4. Construct Website Architecture
    5. 5. Adding Internal Links
    6. 6. Organize Your Goals
    7. 7. Invest In Branded Content
    8. 8. Reverse Engineer Your Content
    9. 9. Promote Content With Social-Posting
  3. Conclusion


If you are also thinking “How To Improve SEO with Content Marketing Approach,” then you first need to underline this point that Content is a king who plays a significant role in your search rankings. If your Content relates to the searches that the user is looking for, you can quickly rule over the internet and get a high search ranking.

But many times, we have good keywords but not super Content, which makes our seo strategy common like others. So that is why applying Topic Driven Content Marketing Approach becomes essential. It will boost your SEO tactics and draw more traffic, conversions, and results than expected. But first, understand what content marketing is?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a well-planned and tactical marketing approach concentrated on creating relevant content to grab the audience’s attention and turn them into customers. And the purpose of content marketing is to entertain people, inspire people, educate people, and convince people.

So let’s begin with some tips to improve seo with a topic-driven content marketing approach.

Tips To Improve SEO With Topic-Driven Content Marketing Approach

1. Conduct Website-Audit

The first step in changing your seo strategy is to conduct a website audit to see where our website wins or where it fails. It would be best if you had an idea of how your website is working. Here are some things you should need while auditing your website:

1. Organic Presence: To check your website’s organic presence, you should regulate the keyword rating on your website. You will see that you haven’t used many keywords, so you should start finding keywords with a high search percentage and include them in your website. You can use web scraping tools for finding keywords. And connect backlinks that are relevant to your keywords and seo rankings. You can also optimize existing metadata to increase your site’s organic presence.

2. Improve rankings of the site: You can increase your site’s rankings by creating modern Content that links back to your site or page. Form backlinks on your page, expand your existing Content by making it accessible to the people. And improve engagement on your sites and pages. You can also use on-site search to increase rankings.

Conduct Website-Audit to improve SEO with content marketing

3. User metrics: You need to know users’ behavior to increase engagement on your site. You can use Google Analytics to see which users interact with your site after going through it ultimately. You can also check page views, bounce rate, the average time of your site, and conversions. These four metrics will give you a clear understanding of how your Content meets your user’s needs.

2. Create Quality-Content

Before jumping into content marketing, you should set goals to create quality content. It would help if you understood what Content you choose from your business goals to drive rankings and links. So you should keep in mind a list of things:-

(i) Create link-driven Content where if you add more links to the Content, it will become better.

(ii) Headlines are a vital part of any content marketing plan, so write an exciting and inspiring headline to increase CTR, and thus it will improve your content virality.

(iii) Repurpose your Content as content-writing takes a very long time to create, but it also needs excellent ideas, which sometimes become challenging to develop. So it’s better to repurpose your Content into new Content.

(iv) Write significantly longer content because it will contain almost all information and cover all the crucial topics in sub-headlines. It is better for users to get ordered-wise details properly and didn’t have to search it repeatedly for minute information.

Create Quality-Content to improve SEO with content marketing

(v) Use Grammarly to improve your Content, can add a video to your Content.

(vii) Do competitor analysis and before making Content.

3. Discuss Influencers In Your Content

If you want to come first in search results and want more leads, you should optimize your site with domain authority backlinks by discussing influencers and mentioning them in your posts.

Discuss Or Write About Influencers In Your Content to improve SEO with content marketing

4. Construct Website Architecture

The best approach to lay down a website architecture is through a pyramid approach is divided by categorization. It is done by internally linking sub-topics pages which we want to put around the home page. You can then implement additional tools like Google Trends and Ask the public to get a better idea of things you wish to search. They also give an overview of metrics like search volume and geo-locations of your searches.

Construct Website Architecture to improve seo with content marketing
Create Website Architecture to improve SEO with content marketing

Adding internal links can add value to your Content and increase your audience. Related on-site links and on-page intelligent content making are essential for forming your website authority. Internal links improve your page KPIs such as time-on-site, page views per visit, conversions, etc., increasing your site’s importance to Google.

Add Internal Links On Your Website to improve SEO with content marketing

6. Organize Your Goals

Every Content has a different purpose. So you need to identify the goal of every Content and then evaluate its effects on your campaign. Usually, Content will serve many goals like:-

(i) Driving traffic to your website.

(ii) Helps us to choose the right keywords.

(iii) Bringing conversions on our site.

Organize Your Goals According To Your Target Audience to improve SEO with content marketing

(iv) Increasing visibility on the internet to attract brand and business.

(v) Giving leadership on your topic.

7. Invest In Branded Content

You must link your Content with some brands as 59% of marketers finance with brands, so if your site has some brand, it might make more leads and bring marketers to do business with you.  B2B marketers help in creating brand awareness.

Invest In Branded Content to improve SEO with content marketing

8. Reverse Engineer Your Content

Reverse engineering is vital as it helps build compatibility in the market, makes new keywords according to your business’s current status, makes long keywords that come in 90% of the searches, and is less competitive. It also helps build traffic by capitalizing on trending topics, building new backlinks for the site, etc. So it’s a better way to develop a game plan for your Content.

Reverse-Engineer Your Content To Build Compatibility In The Market & improve SEO with content marketing

9. Promote Content With Social-Posting

After building any website, one often promotes it on social media platforms to increase traffic, shares, and make many contacts. Not only will you get traffic, but it can increase links also. You can help many people through social platforms and post about the strategies you used in marketing your website, which will automatically increase leads for you.

Promote Content With Social-Posting to improve SEO with content marketing

And one more thing, if you post less on social media, then your visibility will remain equal to not posting on these platforms. And if you post more, you will first become an active user, which means you will show up in searches of these platforms more frequently, and second thing, it will increase user engagement.


Your seo improvement through a topic-driven content marketing approach will get better now with the various methods listed above. And you can delight your target audience easily now. These tricks are mandatory for optimizing seo on the Content of any website.

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